April 23, 2017

Summer Holiday Essentials

I was always more of a winter girl - preferring cosy nights in front of the telly with a roaring fire, a mug of hot milk and a packet of custard creams by my side (one of the few biscuits I actually like).
But may 2017 be the year my preferences change, as I am now officially a converted summer gal.

I'm finally learning to appreciate how wonderful Summer really is - the lighter evenings, the vast greenery, the trees in blossom, bringing bursts of pinks, whites and oranges into view, along with a steady breeze that twists and winds between the branches, mimicking the calming sounds of the waves approaching shore. But I notice that Summer makes people happy. I notice the brighter smiles and the laughter from those around me that makes it all that little bit better.

I'm quite envious of my younger self - long, naturally highlighted hair with tones of brown, blonde and gold and a body that would tan within seconds of being in the sun. Now I'm stuck with factor 50 sun cream looking like a tomato not long after I step out into any form of heat.

Preparing myself for the upcoming weather is key to enjoying the sun as best I can (then again, I wouldn't count on it. The UK isn't really known for it's tropical climates), so I put a small collage together of all the essentials I'll be needing this Summer, keeping it simple, cool and easy.

I'd never want to overdress in Summer, it's too much hassle and there's enough out there to still look like you've made an effort, without actually making the effort. Keeping it classic with a pair of high waist blue denim shorts will always be my go-to as they can be worn with just about anything. Dressing them with a basic white logo tee and a pair of high top black converse is so simple yet still sophisticated, and of a cooler evening they can be worn with a beach shirt and heeled strap sandals that gives the impression you've made more of an effort, which is great for me... the 'looking' like you've made an effort whilst not really trying. Yes, laziness gets the better of me.

A pet hate of mine, putting my lazy habits aside, is forgetting my sunnies and having to spend my day squinting at just about everyone and everything - so I now make a conscious effort to remember to pop them in my bag before leaving the house. I usually wear a pair from Zara that I bought abroad, but I'm feeling more of a 90's oval frame vibe, so I'll have to invest in some newbies. I seem have specific bags that I only wear on warmer days, ditching the larger leather ones for mini shoulder bags and canvas tote bags, carrying only the things I need - bottles of sun cream, lip cream, water, body spray etc etc.

Hopefully this year I'll have my wardrobe stocked with everything I need just in time for my holiday to sunny Spain!

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