July 16, 2017

Paradise Blues

I've sadly returned from the paradise I would rather call home. I couldn't be more miserable about it and would literally do anything to be back on the beautiful streets of Riogordo, sipping on Malibu and pineapple juice in the bars perched on street corners, watching the world peacefully pass me by.

I spent most days cracking open a can by the poolside (classy, I know) and going for a dip whenever the temperatures got too much... I'm not the greatest at coping in the heat - I'm also not the greatest at coping with heights and my acrophobia usually gets the better of me, but the steep whindy streets of Riogordo somehow made me realise the beauty of being elevated above the life below me without the nagging fear of falling off the edge of the mountainside.

The views from the villa we stayed in were incredible - mountains and hills in every direction with pretty flowers and trees bringing different colours into view. The villa garden was like it's own little jungle with grape vines intertwining to create archways over the steps leading to the pool and colourful flowers overhanging from the walls (withdrawal symptoms talking about it).

The interior of the villa was a traditional Spanish home with thick white walls which kept every room cool, tiled floors and large glass window doors that brought the sunlight through. I don't think it could've been more perfect - each room was unique from one another yet somehow everything still matched perfectly. My boyfriend and I's bedroom also had it's own balcony which overlooked the hilltops and the rest of the village which was always so calm and peaceful in a morning. Within such a short time of being there, the place already felt like home and I dreaded the day it came to leaving.

I couldn't have rammed my suitcase full of clothes any more than I did for this holiday if I tried. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough outfits, but I ended up wearing something different every day (if not two a day), and still had clothes I didn't have time to wear. I wore a few spaghetti strap and off the shoulder dresses because they were the only things that kept me cool in the 30+ degree heat. Other than a pair of old denim shorts and white oversized shirts though, I usually just wore my bikini around the home unless we headed out for food and drinks or to the local shops for a stock up on food.

I'd recommend Riogordo to anyone looking for a peaceful getaway into the traditional Spanish countryside - I'm usually one for a holiday to the busy streets of New York, but this place grabbed me from the get go and I fell in love with the area instantly. Another trip next year? I think so.



  1. Beautiful photos! This place looks amazing x


    1. thank you! it really was the most incredible place X

  2. every picture is beaut and love the post gal xx

    1. ahh thank you beautiful 💗💗💗


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